Bygone BeachCombers

In 2016, graduates working as part of The North East Lincolnshire Safer and Stronger Communities Partnership, identified Cleethorpes beach chalets as being an iconic feature of Cleethorpes Resort. The chalets, each of which are in varying states of condition ranging from good to dilapidated, are unique to seaside resorts, and have adorned Marine Embankment’s coastal path for more than half a century. As a result, an idea was put forward to use a reminiscence project to turn one of the beach chalets/huts into a seaside heritage museum, complete with an accompanying website entitled ‘Bygone BeachCombers’. The project focuses on recording the history of seaside visits and holidays during five different time periods, as well as documenting the changing environmental landscape.

In 2016, Capacity Buildings Ltd, on behalf of NELC’s Safer and Stronger Communities, acquired a lease for Beach Chalet #9 for a period of five years, starting from August 1st. Since then, and following a £1,500 donation from the Tribune Trust, Beach Hut #9 has been transformed from a tired and disused old beach hut, into a vibrant community hub in which visitors can seek respite and learn about local heritage through the artefacts and seaside memorabilia housed within it.  Although various heritage-related societies and artefact stores exist within North East Lincolnshire, there is no public access to the council museum storage facility and no publicly or commercially run museum in Cleethorpes. Beach Hut #9, which officially opened on 16th September 2016, aims to help combat this issue. In a similar way to the beach hut, the Bygone BeachCombers website is an online platform where people can share their stories and learn about the history of Cleethorpes and the beach chalets. Using letters, news articles, photographs and video recordings, let us take you on a journey back in time to when Queen Victoria was on the Throne and horse and carts ruled the roads.

Bygone beachcombers is a Heritage project for Cleethorpes.

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