One set of beach memories…

Barbara Gayfer contacted us by letter to share her story and memories:

I can remember as a young child spending many hours down at the Cleethorpes beach huts.  They were long hot sunny days and I along with my mother and father, brothers and sisters had loads of fun playing out in the sunshine.

My father would rent a chalet for the week during the school summer holidays and we used to go down to the chalets early morning, staying until late into the evening.  We used to love going walking out to the tide when it was right out as we could go paddling.

We would play games of rounders and cricket on the green in front of the chalets for many an hour.

Then of course there was the beach itself.  We would play in the sand dunes, digging big holes that we could climb down into.  We also had lots of fun flying a kite down there for ages and collecting the different sea shells off the beach to take home at the end of the day.

At lunch my mother would make us all some dinner and for this we would all go into the beach hut to eat.  I remember sitting on a long bench fixed to the wall.  This had a lift up lid with things stored inside such as buckets and spades and all our belongings that we would use over our stay there.  Straight after we had eaten we would be off again to play.

We had loads of fun down there, I can also recall each day after we had eaten tea we were allowed to the shop nearby the beach huts to choose an ice cream or lolly.  This was the highlight of the day for us.

I have very fond memories of my time down there and always speak of them whenever I pass them now when out for a walk with my husband.

Seeing them now all run down is disheartening and I think that they should be done up and let out again instead of just standing empty.  If other families got half the enjoyment from them that I had as a child then they would be very lucky.

Barbara Gayfer