The Changing Face of Cleethorpes Beach

One part of the research we will be doing through the Bygone Beachcombers project is to look at the changing face of the Cleethorpes beach itself – particularly the environment around the Beach Chalets on Marine Embankment.

At one point the Beach Huts were indeed close to the beach and the sea.  These days the salt flats lies between the huts and the sea and we’ll be trying to trace how these changes have been happening to the environment over the years and the effects they have had on tourism, family holidays in Cleethorpes and more.

So if you know more about the environment around Cleethorpes beach then we’d be interested to hear from you.  We’ll try and collect photos and images that represent the environmental changes that take place over the centuries and decades, and I’m sure a few maps will appear during our research!

Help us with our research and let us know what you know!